Our Team

Scott Greenway, PhD

- President

Dr. Greenway is a chemical engineer with extensive experience working on the development and deployment of hydrogen storage systems and advanced electrochemical systems. This includes the design and characterization of compressed hydrogen and metal hydride based regenerative fuel cell systems and electrochemical generation of aluminum hydride for hydrogen storage.

He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of South Carolina.

Aaron Wilber, B.S.

- Chemist, COSS, COSM

Aaron is our resident automation and scale-up chemist. He has been developing a path forward in support of aluminum hydride production for the last 5 years. His experience lies strongly with the lab scale to pilot scale approach in which his strong background in air-sensitive synthesis and process intensification greatly benefit the company. Aaron has been key to developing a process that generates the largest known output for aluminum hydride in the United States, possibly beyond. As lab manager, he maintains communication between employees and management to ensure all projects stay on track to meet required milestones. As a safety officer (COSS/COSSM) and first aid instructor, he plays a crucial role in safety training program development as well as authoring SOPs for any number of projects. Aaron also oversees areas branching into the IT for Greenway Energy and maintains the network and security capabilities. He is adept in many common areas of instrumental analysis, as well as their fabrication, use, data interpretation and maintenance (GC, MS, DTA, XRD, SEM, EDS, FT-IR, UV-Vis, PCT/Sieverts, etc.)

Cherryl Williams, B.S.


Cherryl possesses a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), and Certified Occupational Safety Management (COSM) certifications. She has extensive knowledge in managing projects from inception through closure. Together with the project team she reviews SOPs and aids in identifying safety vulnerabilities. As the lead Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Officer she aids in and verifies that proper administrative and engineering hazard controls have been implemented and are maintained throughout the project life cycle. She participates in all aspects of the safety evaluation procedure including assignment and reviewal of laboratory safety checklist and self-checklist. She is also responsible for implementing, maintaining, and updating the policy and procedures of Greenway Energy LLC.