Our Team

Scott Greenway, PhD

- Fellow Engineer/Owner GWE

Dr. Greenway is a chemical engineer with extensive experience working on the development and deployment of hydrogen storage systems and advanced electrochemical systems. This includes the design and characterization of compressed hydrogen and metal hydride based regenerative fuel cell systems and electrochemical generation of aluminum hydride for hydrogen storage. Dr. Greenway has led the design and fabrication of new electrochemical cell concepts in collaboration with companies in the field, along with techno-economic modeling of fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems.

Hydrogen Team

Claudio Corgnale, PhD

- Principal Engineer

Dr. Corgnale has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in hydrogen energy systems and thermal energy storage systems. He has been involved in the design and assessment of hydrogen production systems, developing process and detailed transport models for thermochemical and electrochemical hydrogen production plants. Dr. Corgnale has also been working on hydrogen storage, thermochemical energy storage systems and hydrogen compression systems. He has been carrying out transport modeling activities, material development research and he has coordinated experimental tests for cryogenic adsorbent systems, high temperature materials and high-pressure hydrogen absorbent systems. He has been the PI of US Department of Energy funded projects in the field of renewable energy, hydrogen compression and catalyst development for thermochemical hydrogen production systems. He earned his PhD in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University Roma Tre (Italy) and is also a visiting research assistant professor at the University of South Carolina.

Martin Sulic, PhD

-Principal Scientist

Dr. Sulic has studied hydrogen storage materials, both adsorbents and absorbents, for various applications over the past 15 years. The materials studied cover a wide range from air stable carbon to materials that are highly sensitive to air and/or moisture. Testing conditions performed over a wide range as well, from cryogenic temperatures to as high as 800 °C and pressures up to 15,000 psi. He has extensive experience with hydrogen uptake measurements and techniques including instrumentation. Over the years, he has built several custom instruments to accommodate the application/project at hand. For this project, hybrid hydrogen compressor, my knowledge and experience will be utilized through all aspects. The project calls for a custom high-pressure instrument to be designed, built and tested. With his experience and knowledge of hydrogen measurements he will be able to lend vital expertise to the project.

Fuel Cell Team

Mark Elvington, PhD

- Principal Scientist

Dr. Elvington is an inorganic chemist with 15 years of experience in coordination chemistry and inorganic synthesis and 10 years of electrochemistry experience. Recent work includes multiple fuel cell, electrolysis, and hydrogen storage projects such as: nanostructured platinum/carbon PEMFC catalysts with high activity for the oxygen reduction reaction; PGM-free engineered framework catalysts for PEMFCs; developing electrolyzer components for the hybrid sulfur (HyS) thermo/electrochemical water splitting cycle; and post-synthesis processing/activation of novel sp2 carbon materials for hydrogen storage. Dr. Elvington’s involvement will focus on the electrochemical characterization of metal-hydride materials.

Prabhu Ganesan, PhD

- Principal Scientist

Dr. Ganesan has extensive experience in experimental electrochemistry including PEM fuel cells (low- PGM and PGM-free catalysts and corrosion resistant supports development), novel cathode materials for MCFC, electrodeposition and corrosion. Currently, he is a PI for DOE-SBIR Phase-I project for the development of corrosion resistant cathode catalyst support for PEM fuel cells. In the past, he has served as a Co-PI for projects funded by NSF (Low-PGM catalyst development), Boeing R&T (Zn-Mn alloy deposition for corrosion protection, and Stanley Black & Decker (Electrochemical coloring of tools). In this project Dr. Ganesan will be responsible for catalyst synthesis, material characterization, MEA fabrication, and fuel cell testing.

Subject Matter Experts

Bill Summers, PhD

- Senior Consulting Engineer

Dr. Summers' experience includes being a chemical engineer with over 40 years' experience in the field of advanced energy systems design, development and deployment. He recently retired from the Savannah River National Laboratory, where he served as a senior advisory engineer and program manager within the Clean Energy Directorate. At SRNL, he served as the program manager for the nuclear fuel cycle R&D program as well as hydrogen production (including the Hybrid Sulfur program). He is an internationally recognized authority in the field of hydrogen production based on nuclear water-splitting and has published numerous papers, given invited lectures and contributed to four books on that subject. In 2013, Dr. Summers was honored with the Robert E. Wilson award by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for his work on nuclear hydrogen production. Currently Dr. Summers serves as the program manager for the development of the Hybrid Sulfur process, which is being developed for DOE by SRNL to allow solar energy to produce clean hydrogen via water-splitting.

Ted Motyka, PhD

- Senior Consulting Engineer

Dr. Motyka has over thirty years of experience in hydrogen technology development specifically hydrogen storage and metal hydride application development. During his 30 years of work in this area Dr. Motyka designed and tested both bench-scale metal hydride applications as well as pilot-scale systems. He also developed safety and operating plans for these systems. As an R&D manager Dr. Motyka directed a team of researchers in the development of hydrogen and metal hydride systems for a variety of applications as well as being responsible for reviewing and approving safety and operating procedures for these R&D activities. Dr. Motyka has also worked with high pressure hydrogen and metal hydride system and components in designated SRNL high pressure laboratories.

Administrative Training Specialist

Aaron Wilber, B.S.

- Chemist, COSS, COSM

Aaron is a Chemist and holds a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) certification. As the Laboratory Custodian and Safety Specialist, he participates in all aspects of safety evaluations. Aaron is responsible for chemical inventory and ensuring all personnel are trained in hazards associated with all chemicals and gases utilized in the GWE laboratory. As a member of the EH&S team he also oversees laboratory inspections and self-checklist and ensures administrative and engineering controls are properly implemented within the laboratory.

Senior Program Manager

Cherryl Williams, B.S.


Cherryl possesses a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), and Certified Occupational Safety Management (COSM) certifications. She has extensive knowledge in managing projects from inception through closure. Together with the project team she reviews SOPs and aids in identifying safety vulnerabilities. As the lead Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Officer she aids in and verifies that proper administrative and engineering hazard controls have been implemented and are maintained throughout the project life cycle. She participates in all aspects of the safety evaluation procedure including assignment and reviewal of laboratory safety checklist and self-checklist. She is also responsible for implementing, maintaining, and updating the policy and procedures of Greenway Energy LLC.

Communications Director

Shirley Bass, B.S.

- Program Graphics Manager

Shirley provides more than 20+ years’ experience in print and web design, brand creation/identity packages, content strategy and research. Her guiding principle and approach as an Information Designer is to reach the clients' objective through a collaborative design/research process. Her analytical skills, tech writing/editing expertise and graphics knowledge has enabled her to develop, maintain and improve presentations/reports to formulate a clear, concise message. Combining informatics and design for scientists, businesses and organizations, she has been involved in extensive research projects which include formatting/editing, report revisions as well as infographics and scientific posters. Her proficiency in all PC/MAC-based software as well as the ability to manage multiple projects in different stages has enabled her to successfully develop many successful websites, branding packages and marketing/social media strategies.