Greenway Energy
The Nation's Source for Alane

Greenway Energy’s mission is to provide energy solutions that will not only aid in the continued growth of our national security and bring forth a stronger economy but also to provide a clean, reliable energy source that will advance various markets and aid in the reduction of emissions.

Alane is ideal for a wide range of applications as it is a lightweight, flexible, and reliable fuel. It is safe to use, transport, and store. It provides solutions to consumer, commercial, and military markets.

Markets for Alane

Alane’s size, weight, energy density, and efficiency are key drivers for the research and development of this clean, reliable energy source. Greenway Energy’s goal is to foster innovation—new ideas, technology and markets for Alane that will advance these markets.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles


Portable Power


Unmanned Ariel Vehicles


Alane offers long run time, short shelf life and high hydrogen capacity.

Key Drivers

Since 2016 Greenway Energy has sold more than 10 kilograms of Alane. This represents approximately 40 batches at our current batch capacity.