GWE Q-Pure Technologies

Designing, Building and Supporting
Customized TCAP Systems

Greenway Energy’s Q-Pure TCAP (Thermal Cycling Absorption Process) systems are used to separate hydrogen isotopes—protium, deuterium, and tritium—using a continuous palladium gas chromatography.

Since 2006, GWE has specialized in the development of hydrogen technologies and has performed research on design, fabrication, and operation of systems for its clients.

Greenway Energy's Q-Pure Technology

Q-Pure technologies offer a variety of unique solutions for imaging as well as purification of hydrogen isotopes used in commercial processes including:

 • Protium, Deuterium, and Tritium Purification  • Tritium Separation, Purification and Recycling
 • Backup Power Solutions  • Tritium Reclamation  • Isotope Production and Separation
 • Thermal Cycling  • Next-Generation Power Sources

Greenway Energy understands the challenges of working with hydrogen isotopes including tritium that require low leak rates and emissions and need strong quality control processes.


Greenway Energy can economically manufacture Q-pure systems for hydrogen isotope separation in a variety of novel applications. Thermal cycling isotope separation is a proven technique for recovery of all of the hydrogen isotopes in a mixture with high purity. Applications in betavoltaic batteries and nanosatellites production, fusion energy systems, neutron generators, commercial tritium recovery, pharmaceutical research, and electronics manufacturing can all benefit from implementation of Q-pure technologies.





Greenway Energy Q-Pure Systems Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions to Unique Challenges

  1. Q-Pure systems are custom designed and fabricated to meet unique requirements as specified by our clients.
  2. Isotope separation projects come with distinct challenges and Greenway’s team of scientists and engineers use their fundamental knowledge of these technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions to meet client needs.
  3. Our established relationships with subcontractors who support design, fabrication, and quality processes allow us to rapidly deliver individualized solutions.

Key Driver

Q-Pure systems help you control hydrogen isotope replacement costs and prevent unwanted releases of tritium into the environment.