Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

GWE is focusing on developing technologies to address challenges relating to fuel cells, hydrogen production, delivery and storage. Our goal is to find solutions through applied research and development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies that will have a positive effect on the economy and successfully impact emerging markets in the future.


Alane (aluminum hydride) is lightweight, long-lasting and highly reliable. Current methods for producing alane are expensive. Research to reduce costs relating to feedstock is underway.

Fuel Cell Catalyst Support

A critical component of the fuel cell is the catalyst-support material. The need for emerging materials is due to factors such as corrosion. Testing fuel cell catalysts to achieve enhanced conductivity, durability and fuel cell performance is essential to future technology developments.

TCAP Isotope Separation

Existing technologies are extremely energy intensive. Our continued research efforts include developing efficient methods for isotope separation.

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